This page was inspired both by the questions we receive from visitors planning canoe or kayak trips, and by the offer in 2012 of two journals to share with others.

Each journal is shared by its author in the hope that it would interest other people considering a trip on the Downeast Lakes.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share these with you.

We hope to add journals from other Downeast Lakes Water Trail trips in the future.

Cobscook Community High School Trip Journal, 2015:  This trip journal was written by students of Cobscook Community High School.  Students begin the school year with a five-day loop trip through Pocumcus, West Grand, Junior, and Sysladobsis Lakes.  Story Maps and Photos are included.

Downeast Lakes Canoe Trip Journal, 2012:  This journal was shared with Downeast Lakes Land Trust by Andy Petkofsky. It describes a trip from Lakeville to Grand Lake Stream in late July, 2012.

Downeast Lakes Water Trail and reading room trip, 2012.  This journal was shared by Karen Herold.  It describes a trip from Grand Lake Stream through West Grand and Pocumcus Lakes in August 2012.

Downeast Lakes Loop Trip Report, 2013.  This trip report was shared by Becca Abuza, who completed a 9-day solo loop from Grand Lake Stream and West Grand through Scraggly, Pleasant, and West Musquash lakes, West Musquash and Big Musquash Streams, back to Big Lake and Grand Lake Stream in September 2013.


Those considering a trip may also be interested in learning about the “Maliseet Trail” traditional canoe routes in eastern Maine and New Brunswick.  An array of information is available at, including an 1895 map showing a route extending through the Grand Lake Stream area, with connections from the Saint Croix watershed to the Penobscot and East Machias watersheds.  (The connection to the Machias, is not depicted).