Why Conservation?

At the core of Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s strategy is the understanding that the Grand Lake Stream area of Maine has extraordinary natural resources. The forests, lakes, streams, rivers, and wildlife that surround Grand Lake Stream are truly exceptional.

The economic future of Grand Lake Stream – and Maine – depends on ensuring these natural resources are always available.  People in Downeast Maine depend on these natural resources for their livelihoods and their quality of life.

We can’t take our surroundings for granted.  We’re conserving forest land to ensure these natural resources will be available for future generations to enjoy, and will support thriving Maine communities for decades to come.

By doing so, we’ll help ensure anyone can experience the call of a loon, the strike of a salmon, or the sight of a moose.  We’re protecting clean water, clean air, and wildlife – essential to the future of Grand Lake Stream, Maine, and important globally.

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Vision for the Downeast Lakes Region and Grand Lake Stream

It is the vision of Downeast Lakes Land Trust that Grand Lake Stream and the Downeast Lakes Region will be widely known for spectacular lakes and streams, productive forests, outstanding recreation opportunities, and welcoming communities that attract visitors and residents of all ages.

Our Mission

Downeast Lakes Land Trust contributes to the long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes Region through the conservation and exemplary management of its forests and waters.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust works to fulfill its mission by: